MY PASSION is in helping purpose-driven Lifestyle Brands who understand they can no longer deflect the relentless changes in how the game is played utilize our Go-To-Market Management System to grow!

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MY BELIEF is Lifestyle Brands can achieve predictable margins and revenue growth when they take accountability for product distribution, execute partnership standards with discipline, and do what they say they are going to do!


MY COMPETENCE in creating our Go-To-Market Management System is through decades of hands-on in-the-trenches work with Bose and dozens of Lifestyle Brand engagements; reimagining business decisions, processes and systems around executing an intentional, meaningful Customer Experience.

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  • Distribution Channel Management

  • Distribution Channel Strategy

  • Structure Product Distribution Channels

  • Align Strategy with Sales

  • Manage Sales Organization Execution

  • Brand Demand Creation

  • Optimize Systems to Facilitate Agility and Effectiveness

  • Achieve Sustained, Profitable Growth for Premium Brands

  • Implement & Execute Legal Contracts

  • Align Legal with Sales

  • Implement & Execute UP/MAP Pricing Policies

  • Retailer Performance Management

  • Retailer Negotiation Execution

  • Leverage Technology to Drive Efficiency and Reduce Costs


MY FOUNDATION of standards, systems and processes for executing customer experience focused, collaborative retail partnerships was first developed during a decade of sales leadership in the Customer First culture at Bose Corporation.


MY EXPERIENCE is in navigating dozens of clients through a proven go-to-market transition methodology that mitigates the cost, risk, and uncertainty of trial and error tactics.


I’ve worked through the ranks of manufacturers, retailers and distributors, I know their operations intimately from the inside. I’ve been immersed being a passionate, pragmatic change agent supporting diverse clients for over a decade. I’m not a start-up or an algorithm or an ‘App’ or a software subscription or under pressure for ROI from investors. I work person to person with clients to solve their real problems.


The transactional revenue addiction of more orders from more distribution with no control of what happens to the product between the warehouse and the consumer is the root of all evil, it’s what’s creating all the pricing problems and fueling the suffocation of lifestyle brands. The Internet economy provides the opportunity to generate MORE revenue from LESS retail partners who do business with your brand in a meaningful way.


Most TALK about implementing a MAP/UP policy, I personally launched the Bose Unilateral Minimum Retail Price (UMRP) policy to their national accounts and led the execution for 10 years as the Director of Sales, North American Sales Organization. Widely regarded as the platinum standard of price maintenance policies, it enables Bose to stabilize offline and online pricing to this day.

“Retail Price Maintenance execution falls apart at Sales & Marketing if they cannot lead and execute. Bill understands the legal aspects of the program and can provide a vital bridge for the sales group and legal advisors.  A pricing policy will not be effective without sales and legal folks on the same page to create a successful retail program and minimize legal risk.”

Bose Corporation, - Mark Sullivan, General Counsel Emeritus and Vision Werks Legal Partner