Questions Brand Leaders Must Ask Themselves

Download: Questions Brand Leaders Must Ask Themselves (PDF) CUSTOMER Are you viewing retailers as customers or as partners in delivering your intentional customer experience? A sale is not a sale until the gear is in the customers hands, until then its marketplace impact and destination are under the control of your dealers and distributors. Place the [...]

Selecting The Right Retailers

REALITY CHECK Retailers Own Your Customer Brand Perception & Experience. A loaded retailer is a happy retailer became a loaded retailer is an eBay retailer became a loaded retailer is transshipping and driving your online price erosion! Do you know what you’re retailers are doing? - Do you have sufficient data and information to understand your brand [...]

Real Client, Real Solutions

Problems client expressed holding them back from competing in the digital economy. We partnered in applying systems and processes to help them navigate the transition to successful go-to-market strategies and behaviors! PROBLEMS: Decades without best practices, doing it the way we've always done it Old school go-to-market behavior of turning boxes Escalating Internet price erosion No defined Internet [...]

November 15th, 2018|Amazon, Digital, Distribution, Relationships, Standards|0 Comments

Most Common Manufacturer Challenges

From working with hundreds of manufacturers, some common challenges in the expanding digital economy that Vision Werks is empowering them to overcome. Look familiar? Marketplace: Ecommerce disruption, no control Volatile pricing Amazon marketplace management Unauthorized sellers, transshipping and the gray market Global seller access to US Eroding margins Falling average selling prices Increasingly difficult revenue attainment Reducing of [...]

Insider Do’s and Don’ts for MAP/UP Policy Success

Fresh off a string of retailer meetings, a client called me today suggesting her retailers could benefit from a course for manufacturers on how to successfully implement, administrate and execute a Retail Price Maintenance (RPM) program. The two common RPM programs are the Unilateral Pricing (UP) policy or 'Colgate' policy her company executes and the popular Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. She went on [...]

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