Retailers Own Your Customer Brand Perception & Experience.

A loaded retailer is a happy retailer became a loaded retailer is an eBay retailer became a loaded retailer is transshipping and driving your online price erosion!

Do you know what you’re retailers are doing? – Do you have sufficient data and information to understand your brand position, value and customer experience?

Your strategy must be ‘the best retailers for our consumer brand experience’, especially on the Internet.

Results of client transitioned to a tight, focus portfolio of vetted and selected online retailers

  • Margin is stable at MAP/UP
  • Channel conflict is diminished
  • Revenue is trending 28-38+% higher month over month
  • B2C revenue is trending 40+% higher
  • Consumers are receiving the intended brand experience

Best Practices of Customer Experience Retailers:

  • Making investments in technology around the customer experience
  • Cultivating ‘sticky’ customer relationships
  • Delivering more personalized content, faster, and across channels
  • Consolidating customer interactions from stores, online and mobile channels with insight from social media feedback
  • Executing a customer centric shopping experience online and offline
  • Resurrecting the art of selling
  • Curating their product mix to their intended customer
  • Featuring premium products that customers can’t get everywhere
  • A personal brand in their community

We help identify, authorize and partner with the retailers already executing success with other premium brands.