From working with hundreds of manufacturers, some common challenges in the expanding digital economy that Vision Werks is empowering them to overcome. Look familiar?


  • Ecommerce disruption, no control
    • Volatile pricing
    • Amazon marketplace management
    • Unauthorized sellers, transshipping and the gray market
    • Global seller access to US
  • Eroding margins
  • Falling average selling prices
  • Increasingly difficult revenue attainment
  • Reducing of product assortments
  • Slowing sell-through velocities
  • Shortened product lifecycles
  • Commoditization of products
  • Shifting consumer brand relationship behavior


  • Short term thinking
  • Too good to be true quick fixes not coming true
  • Paper based onboarding, processing and archive
  • Paper based credit application system
  • Inaccurate, inaccessible or insignificant retailer insight
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of Internet monitoring results
  • Retailer communication and insight filtered through sales teams
  • Complex technology systems choices and integration


  • Transaction centric retailer relationships
  • Ineffective MAP implementation and enforcement
  • Eroding retailer trust and brand Integrity
  • Declining sales team effectiveness
  • Archaic product market and channel segmentation